About Us

Aethica has been set up by mother and daughter team, Sue and Charlotte, who live in Devon. Both of them with very different skin types  -  Charlotte's youthful skin, and Sue's (let's be kind!) maturing skin - but bringing together one main concern - eliminating and minimising the chemicals we ingest through our skin.  Focusing on organic and botanical solutions, and fabulous essential oils and honeys.

Their combined passion has involved lots of trials and testing, loads of recipes and a kitchen that smells heavenly with precious essential oils and gorgeous rich butters like shea and cocoa butter permeating the air.  Throughout this time, Sue has qualified as an aromatherapist, and we've called on the services of experienced aromatherapists, chemists and experts in skin care.

Finally, and after a long time creating and formulating our lovely Aethica products we were ready to launch.  A few fetes and fairs for testing (as well as lots of friends and family who were willing to trial for us) we were finally ready to launch.

Retailers have been very kind to us, and we're now stocked in a number of retailers through the region.